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    Getting from Greve to Lamole and Volpaia

    I'm looking to see the best way (without a car) to get from Greve to Lamole and then onto Volpaia? I'm coming with a couple of friends and we are able to hike, but would like to take public transportation, so we can best explore Volpaia. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much, Janise::
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    Panzano to Greve to Lamole

    Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am traveling with a couple of friends without a car in the Panzano, Greve, Montefiorealle and Lamole area of Tuscany. For the most part we will be hiking and taking the bus. I have tried to understand how the bus schedule works and am confused. I believe the...
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    Hiking in Chianti

    I had the privilege of going to Montefioralle in Greve and did not have enough time to truly enjoy this jewel in Chianti. I am planning on going back to Italy this October or next June and wondered if you know of hikes and/or walks from Montefioralle or Greve that take you through or around...