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    Living like local for 3 months

    My husband and I rented an apartment for 68 days starting the end of July. We would like to to live like locals instead of mostly doing tourist thing. Can anyone recommend local restaurants and places to go in the evenings to listen to music?
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    True,bus or hire car for trip to is a from Florence for 4 adults and 2 kids day trip?

    Want to take day trip to Pisa and possibly stop in some of interesting places along the way. Should we hire a car and driver? Take the train? Any suggestions? Thanks Eva Should say train,bus or hire bus - sorry
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    Informal cooking classes

    Does anyone know if we can find an informal cooking class I can do with my daughter in law and 2 grandsons, under 10 years old. We will be in Florence last 2 weeks of July Thanks. Eva
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    Seeing Cinque Terre with kids

    Hello. My husband and I are going to Florence for 68 day this summer. Our son, daughter in law and 2 kids, 6,8 are joining us foe 2 weeks. We are planning on spending 2 nights at hotel La Spiaggia. Need suggestions on the best way to spend our time and stay on budget. Thank you - Eva