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    Firenze card - I called Italy and now I'm even more confused - help plz Lourdes:)

    We would like to see the Uffizi, Accademia, Duomo as priorities and then perhaps whatever else we can squeeze in 2 days. Our priority isn't cost as much as trying to diminish wait time, although, if we can save money and cut the wait time, that would be great! I was originally leaning toward...
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    From Venice to Monterosso Cinque Terre via train

    Hello to all, We were going to originally drive, but then read about the hassle to have a car in C.Terre, so have decided to ride the train instead. Trying to take the train from Venice to C.Terre on Sept. 10th which is a Wednesday. Looking at fastest way with good connections, but...
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    From Monterosso to Rapale via Pisa and Lucca in one day - I'm a newbie to the Forum

    Hi to all at the Forum. I am a newbie and enjoy reading all about Tuscany. It is very unselfish of all of you to volunteer your time and talent to help us all - esp. me. Thank you in advance. I need some help planning and I will try to keep to one topic per post. Background: My husband and I...