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    Driving from Capannori / Lucca to Bibbona what to see on the way?

    Hi, On Friday the 5th October we will be driving from Capannori outside Lucca down to Bibbona. I'm trying to plan some places to stop and visit on the way down. Something interesting to visit, maybe somewhere good to get something to eat. If we were to drive directly there it should take...
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    Vineyards near Capannori & Lucca

    Hello again, I'm searching for a vinyard to buy wine for my wedding. I visited Colle di Borocheo last year and I've been trying to search online but it comes up with B&Bs. Does anyone have any recommendations, website or advice? We could always go the super market but I would rather not. Thanks
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    Need help planning my TUSCAN WEDDING FEAST!

    Does anyone have delicious tradtional Tuscan dish ideas to help me plan my wedding day feast. I'm worried about splashing my dress with sauce so nothing to saucy (lol). Thanks Gemma
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    Visiting Siena by car

    Hi, we are staying in Bibbona for 4 days in Oct for our Honeymoon. If we decide to go to Siena, where is the best place to leave the car/park? Thanks Gemma
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    Getting guests from Pisa airport to Lucca and back

    Hello, We have rented 1 car and a 7 seater. We are staying in Camigliano outside Lucca. Our wedding guests (about 20 ppl) will arrive at Pisa airport on Saturday 29th Sept at 7.30pm. I've heard there is a bus that can take them from Pisa airport to Lucca, has anyone used this bus? Would it be...
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    Walking directions from Pisa Airport to Pisa train station

    Hi, Can anyone describe the route/directions (walking) from Pisa Airport to Pisa train station. Thanks
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    Renting a car and driving to Tuscany for a week, has anyone done this?

    Hi, I have two family members that are terrified to fly, but I really want them to be at my wedding in October. They seem quite happy to drive to Tuscany though. Has anyone ever rented a car and driven to Tucany (Lucca)? They will be starting off in Manchester, 4 of them in total. Thanks Gemma
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    Visiting Lucca and Florence with 20-30 other guests, must see advice?

    Hi! I'm making an itinerary for my wedding guest who will stay with us in a rented Villa for the 1st week in october in Camigliano outside Lucca. Some couples will rent their own cars, others who can't we will hope can sqeeze in the spare seats. Obviously Florence is a must, best by train, but...
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    I've booked my honeymoon in Bibbona

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has been to Bibbona (our honeymoon is booked there) and if they had any tips to share? Gemma
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    Looking for a bakery in Lucca to make a cake for my wedding

    Hi, I'm getting married in Camigliano outside of Lucca in October. I need to find a bakery that can make me a beautiful delicious cake for my wedding. Could anyone recommend anywhere? Thanks