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    Taxi to San Querico and best way to Florence from Pienza

    Do you know of a taxi service from Pienza. Also what do you think would be the fastest way from Pienza to Florence?
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    Help. Bus schedule needed

    We're in Siena and want to take a bus to Pienza tomorrow. The guys in the tobacco shops will sell us tickets but don't know the schedule. We couldn't find an open TI. Can you help?
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    Are there taxis in Pienza to take us to someplace local like Bagno Vigoni? Thanks
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    Florence to Siena

    Should I take the train or a bus from Florence to Siena. Can I catch a bus at the train station? Thanks, Jan
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    Siena to Pienza

    We are planning on spending one night in Siena and three in Pienza. Our objective in Pienza being to walk around the countryside; to Montepulciano, Bagni Vigno and one other. Since we are most of our time in Pienza I thought it would be fun to hire a driver to take us from Siena to Pienza and...