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    Siena on Monday??

    We've heard that many museums and sites are closed on Mondays in Italy. Does this hold true for restaurants and shops etc .... In Siena? Thanks in advance 😚
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    Taxi Service or Limo Service Question

    Hi, We are staying in San Donato for a week in June with a group of 10 of us. I am interested in booking a reservation for all of us to have dinner in Settignano one night. It looks to be roughly 38 km or 24 miles from San Donato to Settignano. My question is will taxi service be readily...
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    Where to rent a car in florence?

    We will be renting a car for a week in Tuscany for the first time! We are very excited to get to drive around beautiful Tuscany!! My question is ... where is the best location for rental car pick-up and drop off? We will be coming in from Rome on a Friday via train and spending an afternoon...