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    Flea market in Florence

    I , m again looking for decoration for Italian restaurant and going to be in Italy at the end of January . First, did everyday flea market change it place in Florence ?The second , where will be market at the end of month in Florence ? The third, shall I take special permission for transforming...
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    Snow chains

    Shall I have snow chains in the car ,traveling in winter in Italy?
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    Lucca flea market

    I,m going to be in Lucca on 24 th of January . Which day is better to visit flea market on Saturday or Sunday?
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    Hi, you really know where and how in Tuscany . I use your forum like a guide book ,planning my trip . May be you know where I can buy artisan ceramics less expensive like in San gimignano, directly from the producers .thanks a lot.
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    Flea market in Florence

    I need used ceramic wall plates for restaurant designe. Where can I buy from 09-17.08 2015 in Florence?thanks Oleksandr