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    Budget Farmhouse in Tuscany

    I am looking for a no frills Farmhouse in the Tuscan Area. We have a strict Budget and all the polaces that I see are beautiful but we just can't afford. We are also looking for breakfast to be included Our budget is 50 to 55 Euro. I know these farmhouses are out there but I am not finding them...
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    The Holy Popes visit

    I hear that the Pope will be visiting Abruzzo and ( city of Onna) I would love to attend the prayer service but I want to make sure that we are not in any ones way. I would just love to share in the prayer service. Please advise as to what would be appropriate. Thank you Pat
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    Tuscany in 5 days

    We will be in the south part of Tuscany for 5 days then we will spend a night in Siena and on to Lucca (one night) then Cinque Terre for 2 nights. I thought I had planned our time really well but reading your site I am in a full blown panic. There is so much to see and I do not want to miss a...