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    Beautiful restaurants that only locals visit with amazing vegetarian food as well

    Hi! We would like to dine at some of the best restaurants in Florence. But not where the tourists go rather where the locals go. Restaurants that have great vegetarian options as well and a great ambiance Thank you
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    Vegetarian cooking class with eggs and dairy

    Hi! We are looking for exclusive culinary related itinerary. What do you reccomend as many are vegetarian and we are a group of 12. We would like to do truffle hunting and cooking as one option, want to do the best Chianti wine tour with pizza making And a 3rd choice we are confus d about? Or...
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    Poggio imperiale

    Hi! Wanted to know a little bit about the area of poggio imperiale? Is it a posh area of the outskirts of Florence? Is it walking distance to city center? We found a beautiful villa in that area. But just wanted to know a bit more about the area? Thanks