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    Tour of San Miniato?

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a small group tour of San Miniato? I sure haven't found one. And if there's no tour, where might I hop the bus to get there and then walk down? I see it's #13. Can we buy a ticket when we hop on the bus vs going to SM Novella? Thanks for your help on this. I...
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    Need help on how to spend the whole day in San Gimignano without a car

    Hi All, I hope it's okay to post this here but I'm staying in an apartment in Florence (already paid for) and I read Lourdes article about the frescoes in the San Gimignano and now I want to go experience them in peace and...
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    Donatello's Wood Crucifix at Santa Croce: am I the only one who is fussy about this?

    Hi all, I've decided to just alert folks that you can not actually view Donatello's crucifix at Santa Croce as it's blocked off for people praying, plus it's behind a black cage. I hope some day they move it so we can view it. Cheers, Suzanne Here's my photo from yesterday...
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    The Baptistry: Is everyone in Florence still baptized here?

    Hi Lourdes, I'm curious about the current use and accessibility of the Baptistry to the residents of Florence today. Can the common Joe still be baptized here and when? It seems so packed with us tourists. thanks, Suzanne
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    Anyone read Vasari's "The Lives of the Artists"?

    In preparation for my return to Florence on 12 March !!! I'm taking a couple courses. There's focus on Vasari's biases/pov but I'm curious if anyone here has read his book and was it worthwhile? It's even available on kindle! Grazie mille
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    Where is the small chapel that is black with beautiful paintings of nature?

    Buon Giorno! I am returning to Florence for 2 weeks, including Easter, this March 2018. On my last visit (2014) I visited Medici homes/libraries etc. and in one there is a small chapel. The background is all black and painted with nature in vibrant colors... birds, fruits, vines. I...