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    Solo to Tuscany

    How about Lucca, Siena, or Arezzo. All are easily accessible by train.
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    Tram Map

    Great resource. Thank you, Lourdes!
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    Bucket List

    I hope you can do it!
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    Lunch during a Uffizi visit

    We always have a snack at the Uffizi cafe during our visit. It's a little pricey and not really memorable food, but it provides a break from viewing the art and rejuvenation to continue on. If you sit out on the terrace you can enjoy the fresh air that will also revitalize you. Our visits...
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    Bus & Tram tickets

    Short answer: yes. Long answer: This is the link to the article Lourdes has written on the topic. Again, the answer is: yes.
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    Getting from Florence airport to Lucca

    I have not taken this, but here is what Google maps shows...
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    Enter to Boboli gardens only

    The ticket office is about 50 feet from the main entrance. It's not hard to find. We have not ever encountered a line at the ticket office. It is likely to be slightly less expensive to buy tickets at the office to avoid the charge associated with the online purchase. Simple; walk up, buy the...
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    Apartment Rental, Central Florence

    Thank you, Lourdes. As always, you're assistance is very helpful.
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    Apartment Rental, Central Florence

    Hello. I have used the search function and could not find an answer to my question. Could I ask for thoughts on the best method for renting an apartment in central Florence? I'm thinking of renting for two or three months. Is there a recommended local agency? Or, are there published articles I...
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    Florence or Cinque Terre on August 15

    It kind of seems like it would be fun to stay in Florence to see the festivities there on that day.
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    Access to the Duomo with Firenze Card? And which attractions to pre-book in August?

    The Duomo is not included with the Firenze Card. The only places that require advance booking are the Accademia and the Uffizi (and Brancacci Chapel). We have never encountered a line at any other sites, even in high season.
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    bus stops on Routes #12 & #13 up to San Miniato & Piazzale Michelangelo

    In 2014 Lourdes taught us to use Google Maps to plot transportation. It is an excellent tool for navigating the bus system in Florence. Have you used that before?
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    Spa in Bagni di Lucca

    And, thank YOU, Lourdes, for your continued presence and great assistance throughout the years. Just so you know, I log in to the forum almost every day, even when not planning a trip, so I can see what's going on in the region. It makes the day more enjoyable to read about the things people...
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    Spa in Bagni di Lucca

    I did look at the spa at San Giuliano Terme, Lourdes, and found it to be of good interest. Certainly easier to access, so we might do that instead. I Google-walked up to Bagno Barnabò and found the walk up the hill may be more than my beloved will want to do. She has slight mobility...
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    Spa in Bagni di Lucca

    Thank you, Lourdes, as always, for your valuable insights. I, too, was only able to find Bagno Bernabò to be currently "open." However, I was not able to ascertain what services they currently offer. I certainly hope other spas/hotels will be able to recover from the recent difficult period...