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    Train vs. bus travel from Florence to Lucca & Pisa?

    Hello again (from North Carolina):D! We are planning a day-and-a-half trip from our base in Florence to Lucca and Pisa while we are there in May, and have read some opinions which said that the busses were actually a nicer way to get there than the train. Any opinions on this? Also, any...
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    Another obscure question - sofa beds???

    Hello again from North Carolina! Here's a question that my wife and I are hoping to get some truthful feedback on, pertaining to all of the apartment rentals that we've been looking at in Italy for our upcoming trip. We've seen a number of studio apartments that only have pull-out sofas as the...
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    Strange weather here... How is it in Florence (or Tuscany in general)???

    Hello from North Carolina, USA! New member here, going to be in Florence for 10 days in late May. Our weather has been unusually wet and cold this winter for much of the USA, and am wondering if you folks are experiencing unusual weather patterns as well? Just trying to plan the wardrobe and...