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    Late night train from Venice to Florence

    I'm having trouble finding a return train after dark from Venice to Florence for Sept 15. The latest I see is a 7:25 departure and we really wanted to stay after dark. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!
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    Day trip to Venice

    Although I know it's not preferable, we will be spending just one day in Venice, taking the train from Florence. Since St Mark's is so lovely at night, I was thinking of taking the 10:15 am train and not returning until the 10:25 pm train, arriving Florence at 12:30. Will that be too long in...
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    Renting car from Rome to Florence vs. train for 5

    Our family of 5 will be flying into Rome (FCO) and going straight to Florence. I was thinking that it would be more economical to rent a car rather than using train. In addition, we could stop in Orvieto on our way up. We have driven in Italy before. Does this make sense? We would then like...