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    Siena to Pienza and Montepulciano

    I will be staying in Siena for 3 days and want to do a day trip to Pienza and Montipulciano. I've already booked a private tour for $500 for the day but it is really more than I can afford (I do not have any money down on this tour). Now I see that there are buses from Siena direct to Pienza...
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    General Tuscany questions

    I've sent a few posts to this site - you answered my first one - but for some reason I forget how to just ask a question. I definitely want it to go to you but I don't mind if I other people see it and respond. Could you just tell me how to do this – I know I have to log in first. Now my...
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    Day Tours in Tuscany

    My son, my husband and I (my son is 20) are going to Tuscany this July (2014). I'm staying at Hotel Rivoli in Florence (from July 10 to 14), Pensione Palazzo Ravizza in Siena from July 14 to July 17, and will be in Rome (Michelangelo - block from Vatican) from July 17 to July 21. No matter how...
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    Good base city/cities in Tuscany

    My husband, son (19) and myself will be going to Italy in June of 2014. I'd like to spend 5 days in Rome and about 5 days in Florence and the rest of the time in Tuscany. My husband isn't too happy about changes locationss every couple of days so I want to get two good locations in Tuscany and...