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    La Maggiolata in Lucignano

    Hello, I came across a reference to this festival that takes place in May and am looking for a practical advice on the best day to visit the event, how to get there, it's structure, etc. Since Lucignano is a small medieval village, is parking there going to be a problem? Thank you for your...
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    Combining a day in Chianti with Vinci

    Hello! We are planning to spend a day Chianti just driving around visiting interesting towns and wineries in the area and have already gotten lots of ideas from this site. Thank you for that! It turns out that the place we are staying at near Castelfiorentino, is very close to Cerreto Guidi...
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    Tickets to Uffizi Gallery

    Hello! I am planning to buy tickets to the Uffizi Gallery in advance and am finding that there are sites other than the Gallery's itself selling them. Prices are slightly different. Any advice on where it would be best to buy them? Thank you!
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    Driving from Rome to Castelflorentino

    Hello, My friends and I will be in Tuscany at the end of May staying in the Castelflorentino area. I was wondering if it will make sense to make a stop on the way there from Rome and if so what would be a good spot. I am thinking about Pienze and a drive through Val D'Orcia but can't quite...