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    Cinque Terre

    Hi Lourdes, Can I get your thoughts on visiting that region, it truly looks amazing
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    Hi All, I was wondering where the train station is in Florence that would service a train from Paris. We are going to fly from Boston to Paris for a few days then take the train to Florence, rent a car and drive to Castellina. Also, is there a rental car office near the train station or do we...
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    Coming back!!

    Hi all, We are planning a return trip to Tuscany in June 2012 for my birthday and we were wondering about any festivals that time of year. We will again be staying in Castellina and will have a car to get around in. Hope everyone is well, Joe
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    might anyone live near The Loggia del Mercato Nuovo
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    Just a thought

    If anyone in Tuscany has an entrepreneurial desire you should really think about starting a business where you would go out and buy things for tourists who have been there and want something they didn't buy or forgot to buy or bought and ran out of. I have noticed that a lot of GREAT little...
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    Where to now

    We had such a great time staying in Castellina last month and we are now planning a return trip to Tuscany in Aug 2011. Though we really enjoyed the farmhouse we stayed in and the town of Castellina we both agreed that we should venture out some to another part of the region but not too far from...
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    We are now planning a return trip for next summer/fall but replacing Rome on the itinerary with Paris
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    Rick Steve's Messageboard

    Don't know if you girls are members of their messageboard but I thought I would forward to you someone's comments when I posted on there that folks over there should check your site out as well.
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    Recapping our trip

    Tuscany was everything we thought it would be and more. We had a wonderful time staying in Castellina in Chianti and driving to various locations from there. We went to the Greve wine festival last week and it was a blast, I would recommend that to anyone going next September. We drove to Pisa...
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    Thank you!!!

    Our plane leaves Boston tomorrow afternoon for Rome and I want to thank everyone here for all of your input on our trip. You have guided us through the process of building our itinerary and helping us find out about several things we didn't know existed in Tuscany. Thanks again and I will...
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    Piazzale Michelangelo

    Quick 2 questions, I saw photos of Piazzale Michelangelo and I noticed a parking lot there. 1 - is there usually spots available at this parking lot. 2 - can I park there all day and do all of Florence or is this lot just for Piazzale Michelangelo? thanks in advance, Joe
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    The Clock Is Ticking

    Heading over a week from tomorrow.....VERY EXCITED!!!! Any last minute suggestions?
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    I was told that Sting just opened up a market at his Tuscan estate, Il Palagio estate, can anyone tell me where this is, might be fun to visit and shop
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    Pick a spot please

    We are staying in Castellina in Chianti for a few days and have a pretty full calendar during our time there. We do have an afternoon that is still free and thinking of a short car ride to some other town in Tuscany to walk around and enjoy and would like your recommendations from the following...
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    Watching the NFL in Tuscany

    Two part question..I am guessing there is not an official location in Tuscany to actually watch the New England Patriots play, like a fan club bar or pub but does anyone know of a place that does show all NFL games in Sundays? I believe we will be 6 hours ahead so it needs to be a place open at...
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    Cooking Class

    Hi, Has anyone tried the intavola location in Florence, comments would be appreciated
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    Train vs Car

    As most of you know, we are coming to Florence twice during our stay in Tuscany. Coming from Castellina, I was wondering if driving to Poggibonsi (15 minutes away) and taking the train to Florence was easier than driving and parking in Florence. We are coming to Florence to do the Uffizi...
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    Cameras NOT Allowed

    Hi, Can anyone tell me is there are any venues i.e. Museums, Churches in Florence where cameras are NOT allowed?
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    Gulf of Baratti

    Hi all, just a few of questions.... is Sept too cold for a day at the beach? I have heard wonderful things about the Gulf of Baratti, is it too far from Castellina? Do they have public beaches there and parking? thanks in advance, Joe
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    Factory Outlet

    I was told there is a factory outlet outside of Florence that has stores like D&G, Armani and this true and if so does anyone know where it is?