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    Renting/Hiring a car with a driver

    Normally, I am all about trains, buses and other public transport (or if necessary renting a car and driving by myself) but am facing that it is difficult to actually reach the Val d'Orcia area without spending half the day in a train or needing to change 4 times. I am thinking about renting a...
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    Spontaneous Val d'orcia trip without wine/cheesetasting?

    Buongiorno! As there is finally some sunshine I would like to do a spontaneous trip to the countryside (would prefer Val d'orcia) But all tours I can find are wine/cheesetasting tours or going to cities I've already seen more than once. Are there no "simple" tours of the region for tomorrow or...
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    General question for mass inside the duomo

    Hey guys! As I am staying for a really long time in Florence I would like to attend mass at the duomo (English or Italian does not matter) but I can't figure out which entrance to take for that. Can you help me with that? Is it the entrance that is only for prayer during tourist opening times...