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    Where to stay north of FLorence

    Are you fully independent with your own car? That will make it easier for you to choose anything you find that you like. How rural? The Mugello ares to the both of Florence is really nice, especially in spring. Take a look at Agriturismo La Topaia or at Le Due Volpi B&B - do either seem like...
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    grape stomping

    I hate to tell you this but no one does it other than for entertainment (like a festival) or for a TV scene. It’s not hygienic so no wine estate does it. Poggibonsi, before covid, used to do a fall festival where they did do it, for entertainment… not sure whether it will be held this fall. But...
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    Parking in a garage recommended by hotel

    Ciao! If the hotels are offering parking at a nearby garage and they are both in the ZTL area, make sure to find out who of the two is sending the license plate to the police. It doesn’t matter who, but one of them needs to do it. Every time you drive into the center, it needs to be sent and, if...
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    Enter to Boboli gardens only

    The different rates just depend whether you get combined tickets with some of the museums inside the Pitti Palace.
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    Enter to Boboli gardens only

    It’s always cheaper to buy tickets on the spot, for any of the museums. You pay a surcharge when booking online. As Uomo Grasso suggested, see when you arrive in Florence and if there is time, just head to the Pitti Palace and buy tickets. In October there shouldn’t be long lines and, if there...
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    Ciao Friso, Borgo della Meliana would be a great place as they are quite big, send another direct message if you can and see if you get a reply. Also don't hesitate to call, would be better to get a reply on whether the property is already booked partially for that week in May so you can know...
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    Montalcino or Montepulciano

    Car pick up in Siena would be okay, although you might find more options renting earlier in Florence. Once you start searching you'll see what is better. Return the car in Pisa at the airport as it will be the most convenient spot. I really don't know the area south of Rome at all, so cannot...
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    Apartment Rental, Central Florence

    Ciao Uomo Grasso, Take a look at Pitcher & Flaccomio, they offer longer term rentals in central Florence as well as outskirts. Contact them directly with your specifications as the site might not be updated with all properties. There are several groups on...
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    Bus 353a back to Florence

    Ciao Tuannnguyenn, Both lines 351A and 353A go by San Donato in Collina - here are the links to download the timetables. I actually cannot tell what the...
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    Getting around Montepulciano

    You're very welcome! I am sure you will love your time in Montepulciano!
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    Driving trip for seniors

    Ciao MaggieMay, welcome to our forum! I would suggest maybe dividing up those 10/12 days in maybe just two or three places, and do day trips to explore the part of Tuscany you're staying in. I think it would be less tiresome to be checking in and out of places every 2 days. Unfortunately...
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    Where to spend a month in tuscany

    Arezzo would be perfect, while Cortona has become too touristy in my opinion since Frances Mayes and Under the Tuscan Sun came out. Other possibilities are to choose towns along the train lines, including towns closer to Florence. I would suggest Pontassieve for a small town that would give...
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    Parcheggio SMN and avoid the dreaded ZTL

    Ciao Danny, If you need to get into the center because of someone having a bad knee, I highly recommend going to a private garage -- driving there, even if you do go through the ZTL doors, will be taken care of by the garage as they will take down the license plate and add it to the white list...
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    Validity of bus passes

    Ciao Kiml, All bus tickets here are sold not on the bus, with a blank area -- when you get on the bus, you put the ticket into the ticket machine which "obliterates" the ticket by marking the date and time on it. At that point, your ticket is valid for 90 minutes for local buses, or for the...
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    Where to stay!?

    I also want to add: how long are you in that area? Because if just a day or two for the wedding, maybe it would be better to stay in the same area and have more time to explore it. I'd suggest heading to San Quirico d'Orcia, Pienza or Montalcino. Montalcino would be great for the views and for...
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    2 weeks in Tuscany - suggestions

    Then I think the villas at Borgo della Meliana would be ideal - you'd have your own spaces and it would be the perfect size for your time. It is also in the countryside but close to small villages you can enjoy in the evenings, including San Gimignano, which become different places in the...
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    Where to stay!?

    Will you have a car? that definitely impacts your areas of where you can stay. I would suggest Greve in Chianti as it is easy to get to from Florence, with several vineyards on the way there and just outside of town that also offer accommodation, so you can combine wine tasting with a vineyard...
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    Getting around Montepulciano

    Montepulciano is a small town, but it is build on a hill, so many streets have some type of incline to them. There IS a bus called City tour - - but not sure it is what you're looking for, it seems to be for visitors and not for residents. They are...
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    Opening hours On Sunday

    Well it's August now and some close partially for vacation, others reduce their hours, others in the main central area will continue as they have. Sundays, however, isn't the best shopping day. Most boutiques and clothing stores are closed. You'll find some grocery stores open, as well as all...
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    Seeing Val d'Orcia

    Ciao Stella, welcome to the forum! The Val d'Orcia is a UNESCO heritage site, there aren't trains that cross it, the closest station is at Buonconvento or Rapolano Terme, then Montepulciano Stazione.... all are on the perimeter of the area, not making it easy to use to see the area itself. Cabs...