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    Please help with car rental in Tuscany-really scared and confused

    First of all thanks to this wonderful forum for all the great suggestions. We will be arriving in florence novella station from train from venice. We would like to rent a car and head to chianti area to our agritourismo (found a great one thru this site). People are telling me its a nightmare...
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    Short shorts and mini dresses in rome/venice/tuscany?

    How is the weather in rome/venice/tuscany for last week of may and 1st week of june? If you are not visiting a church, can you wear daisy duke shorts, mini dresses, tank/crop tops etc in those places or is it a big no no?
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    Pontedera or San Gimignano

    We want to rent a agritourismo in either pontedera or san gimigiano, and have a few questions: -Which one is a better option if we are taking the train from venice? how long is it? -Do both towns have car rental at the train station? -Are they well connected to cinque terre by train? -Please...
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    please help me with my itinerary

    Based on this itinerary- We are visiting italy for the first time in may end for 9 days. We will have two kids (7 and 4) with us and we want to ensure we get to see a lot but also kids enjoy. Could you please help look over our itinerary and throw suggestions: -Day 1: Stay in a cheap central...
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    Need lots of help-First visit to italy with kids

    Hello, I am planning to visit tuscany area with my 7 and 4 year olds in may. I plan to fly from boston to rome, stay there for a day or two and then head to tuscany area. Thinking of doing san gimignano, lucca, siena, san vincenzo, pistoia etc. -Can someone suggest if i should take a train out...