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    Apartment Rental, Central Florence

    Hello. I have used the search function and could not find an answer to my question. Could I ask for thoughts on the best method for renting an apartment in central Florence? I'm thinking of renting for two or three months. Is there a recommended local agency? Or, are there published articles I...
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    Spa in Bagni di Lucca

    My beloved and I will be staying for 5 nights in Lucca this fall. We would like to take a day trip to Bagni di Lucca for a spa treatment, probably just swimming &/or soaking in the spring waters. However, we are having a difficult time finding specific information about how to do this. It...
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    Tram from Florence to the Airport

    I read recently that the tram running between Florence and the airport has opened or is opening soon. Can anyone provide clear information about this?