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    Elderly with mobility issues

    My mother is elderly with quite a few mobility issues -- she has to walk with a cane more often than not and has difficulty on uneven surfaces. She has a lot of difficulty with steps and inclines. She is in her mid 70's and tires very easily, but she has her heart set on visiting Tuscany. I...
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    Monasteries and gardens

    Would like recommendations on monasteries/abbeys to visit as well as formal gardens. My sister and I will be traveling throughout Tuscany in May by rental car and would like to visit the best ones, but don't want to pay a great deal in admission fees. In looking through some information...
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    Rental car in Florence

    Thank you for this informative forum. I'm new, so please excuse any mis-steps. My sister and I are flying into Florence (Peretola) next year and had planned to rent a car for our exploration of Tuscany. We are hoping to stay at Rovezzano B&B in Florence 2 days and then venture out into the...