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    Day Trip to Cinque Terre

    Hi All Me Again. One trip we have not done yet is the day trip to Cinque Terre. While I would like to do it my wife and I are older so not sure how much walking is involved. Again this would be in March 2020, so is it better to wait until we are in Florence to see if these trips are running, as...
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    Day Trips from Florence

    Hi All Me Again During our trips to Florence we always try and do a day trip, - eg Sienna or Lucca. Has anyone any other suggestions that are not too far away. Can be by coach or train but not all the way to Rome, been there done it! How far is Milan from Florence? Thanks B
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    Vasari Coridor

    Hi All Me again. - it will be 2 years since our last visit to Florence. Is there any news on when if ever the Vasari Corridor is likely to be re-opened? Many thanks B
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    Reception Desk Location??

    Hi All Just found your Forum so hope it can answer a few questions I have about our trip to Florence in March 2020. This will be our 5th trip to Florence which I love and this time staying in a different hotel. The hotel has been booked by EasyJet and is Residenza Conte Di Cavour, which is on...