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    Thanks to all who answered my pre-trip questions & some tips

    We had a wonderful time, despite it raining the two days we were in Firenze :) Going off season meant no delays at the attractions(less than 15 minutes at the Tower of Pisa, less than 10 at the Uffizi and less than 5 at the Accadem1a. The only reservations I made (and not in Tuscany) were for...
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    February questions

    I will be at Montecatini from 1-7 Feb 2018. We are planning to come to Florence two successive days (our hotel is part of the package, so we'll return after day one] Are there days that are better than others for visiting? Are Firenze cards, or any other quick access passes worth it so far...
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    Is sucralose available?

    Is sucralose available as a sugar substitute, or should I bring my own?
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    train service from Florence to Montecatini

    will this service be back in operation in Feb 2018? And, which train station in Florence does it depart from? Thank you