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  1. Lourdes

    What area should we stay in with two kid (9 and 12)

    Let me know as you go further in your planning whether you have more questions or need more ideas or suggestions, I'd be happy to help! :)
  2. Lourdes

    A week in Tuscany with a wedding in Sinalunga.

    Ciao Cary, That sounds like a fun week coming up next summer! Cooking class, truffle hunting, wine tastings and Cinque Terre are going to make a wonderful and memorable trip with your friends. Since you want to include Cinque Terre, I would not suggest you go stay in the furthest possible...
  3. Lourdes

    What is best place for base in Tuscany, Siena or Florence

    Ciao Jsallen and welcome to our forum! One first important question: do you feel like you want to drive during the time you are here? Because with 2 weeks and the chance to stay in the countryside, I would highly recommend being adventurous and renting a car so that you can move around freely...
  4. Lourdes

    Montecatini accomodations

    Are you allergic to all animals or specifically to domestic animals? I would imagine that you actually would find a great deal of places that are off limits to pets and thus you don't have to worry about them, particularly at the wellness spas in town and higher end luxury hotels. Take a look at...
  5. Lourdes

    Transport from Posaro to Montecatini

    I am not sure where you are coming from, as I did not find a Posaro on Google Maps. Do you mean Posara near Massa Carrara to Montecatini or from Pesaro along the Adriatic coast, east of San Marino? In any case, I would recommend looking for local drivers in your starting destination, that...
  6. Lourdes

    Saturnia thermal baths - opening on the 26th december

    Yes, both the hotels/spas as well as the outdoor springs should be open, no reason for them to close during the holidays.
  7. Lourdes

    Calcio Storico as a Tourist

    Wonderful! 1 or 2 months is a good time to see lots and to take your time to really explore and experience Italy. Florence will also be a great base to visit those cities as well as Tuscany ;)
  8. Lourdes

    Lithuanian wants to move to Italy

    Ciao Karolina, If you dream of living in Italy, I am sure you will find a way to make it happen. Most of all, do not get discouraged as it isn't easy. Work and work visas are not that easy to obtain so there are a LOT of people here doing freelance/independent contract work or now with the...
  9. Lourdes

    PCR test for returning home

    More places are offering places where you can get the antigenic Covid test because the government now requires it for most people to work... but that is not what you need for traveling, since you need the PCR test so you have to be careful of choosing the right place. In the center of town, the...
  10. Lourdes

    Calcio Storico as a Tourist

    Ciao Hefty, A BIG trip in 2023 sounds awesome, make up for all that we have missed over the last year and a half, right? ;) How long will this trip be total?? To ensure you have Calcio Storico as a possibility, first step is to make your vacation in Florence (or in Tuscany) fall on or around...
  11. Lourdes

    What area should we stay in with two kid (9 and 12)

    Ciao! Oh there are lots of places similar to the Moscadella across the entire region, so you're definitely on the right path to consider what you want to do, determine the area you want to stay in and then look for lodgings that will accommodate what you're looking for. Otherwise, if you fall...
  12. Lourdes

    Florence 3 days

    Ciao!! Currently all museums in Florence require Green Pass to visit and for you to wear mask indoors. Not all of the smaller museums have reopened, or at least not with full hours, some of those are open on the weekend. Since you have a specific list of places you want to visit, I'll go down...
  13. Lourdes

    The great flood anniversary

    Ciao again, If you're still around on the 13th, there is a video projection of the documentary of the flood by Zeffirelli with Richard Burton at the the Zefferilli Foundation. You can read more details here...
  14. Lourdes

    Boboli Gardens

    Most definitely, you can just buy a ticket for the Gardens with no need to go into the Pitti museums. It's 6 euro, full price -
  15. Lourdes

    What are the must-see wineries?

    Are you looking for small boutique wineries of the large ones that attract lots of people? Because as far as the "must-see" one that is Chianti, for the architectural, modern look, the one you would need to go to is the Antinori winery in Bargino. As far as smaller wineries but that we...
  16. Lourdes

    The great flood anniversary

    Ciao Rob, Hope you're enjoying your time in Florence! I just found an article on La Nazione from today giving us an idea of what's on the program to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the flood. Tommorow at 5pm there is a book presentation in Palazzo Vecchio, while the main events will be...
  17. Lourdes

    Wine Tastings without a car

    I would not recommend the scooters while visiting downtown, there are lots of uneven streets and you can't see the sights while "driving" around other pedestrians. Just walk, it is much safer, and everything is very close to each other so there isn't that much distance to cover.
  18. Lourdes

    Firenze card

    Ciao Yvette, I had come across some news saying that they were planning to activate the program again, but for now I haven't seen when that will be. With major changes occurring this week as far as regards rules for visiting museums (no longer need to social distance, masks and green pass remain...
  19. Lourdes

    Villa Ripanera

    Ciao Marta, There isn't that much information online about the villa, likely because it has possibly been rented through agencies in the past rather than direct on the web. It is a vacation property rented as a whole villa, with 4 bedrooms (hosting 8 people) with a pool. It is connected somehow...
  20. Lourdes

    Finding the best time to visit Florence with warm weather

    I definitely hope that the world will have returned to a better place by 2022!! Feel free to post any other questions you have as you continue to plan your trip - just make sure to give yourselves enough time to explore both Florence and Tuscany without being in a hurry ;)