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    Siena coach drop off point and coach parking

    For Florence, there are several drop off points but you need to get a bus pass to even enter the city - make sure to read this before you come and buy the appropriate pass:
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    Siena coach drop off point and coach parking

    The coach parking at the Fortezza is quite a bit far from the main sights. What a lot of the coach buses do is drop off passengers between the piazza San Domenico in front of the church or further along viale Tozzi near the piazza Gramsci or at the piazza (...
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    Montescudaio | FESTA DEL VINO DOC 2023?

    I still can't find confirmation on the official website nor on their Facebook page but I found Terre di Pisa which has published that it will be over the weekend of the first of October here: They likely have the inside info so I'd...
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    Times of mass at Duomo

    You can find the schedule for masses for the Duomo in Florence here: and it doesn't change, so it should be valid while you're here, depending on weekdays (Monday through Saturday) and Sundays which are labeled as "festive"
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    How to validate bus tickets in Florence

    Yes, you should click on the "tap to activate" link and then it should show time activated, you show that in case you are asked for a ticket by a controller on the bus. The number should decrease by a ticket every time you use it, so it should be easy to keep track of how many you have you can...
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    Arriving in Firenze Santa Maria Novella but want to rent car at Airport

    Check out the Antinori winery in Bargino, and the Viticcio winery outside of Greve in Chianti for a taste of two different family run wineries not too far from each other.
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    Montescudaio | FESTA DEL VINO DOC 2023?

    Ciao Arnaud, There is no official information yet on the association's website so keep on eye on that - - to see when it gets updated. I would think it might stay on the first weekend of October, so October 1st, considering it was the date for last...
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    Tuscany Accommodation Without Car

    I think Dianella would be a perfect fit for you to relax, enjoy great wine and food! It is located on the hills outside Vinci but it is relatively easy to get to them: train to Empoli and then request a driver from the train station to them, it is very close. They can also get you back to...
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    Drama or comedy shows in Florence?

    Ciao Yanaty, I was only able to find this by a very small theatrical company: There is one tomorrow and then on Friday. Everything else, like you already found, is musical and outdoors connected to the summer program - at Le Cascine and...
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    organ concert

    Yes, the Santa Margherita church should still be doing the organ concerts every day at 7pm and 9.15pm. I am not sure about other concerts, are you interested specifically in organ concerts? Take a look at the diverse program that Santo Stefano al Ponte has, they have a mixed program from...
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    Florence Walking Tour

    What do you want to see? A museum in particular or just spend the time walking around outdoors to see the monuments? Will you be staying in Florence at all? Not knowing what you're looking for, I'll leave the link to do a search for yourself and see if you find something you like...
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    Where to stay in Florence

    Then the best choice is to choose an apartment with a kitchen or kitchenette so you can do some of your own cooking. That can be an AirBnB or but you don't need to use that platform, we also visit and review and link to properties so you have direct contact with the owner. Take a...
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    Wine Guide - Francesco

    Ciao Jordan, do you mean this Francesco? If you follow the link to his website, you should find contact info there!!
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    Festivals in Sept-Oct 2023 in tuscany

    Ciao! As you might be able to tell from my name, I'm also of Mexican origin - born and grew up in CA so for Mexicans I'm a gringa, but I spent all my summers in Mexico (between el DF e Zamora, Mich ;-) ). Anyways, now I'm in Italy! :D As far as the celebrations for that day, the info for that...
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    Drove into Zone A on Sunday

    Ciao! I know the info can be confusing, but the ZTL area which includes zona A, B and O has the same hours for all of them, and for all of them the ZTL is "off" on Sundays (unless you were driving in the middle of the night, the "summer" ZTL hours extend Saturdays night from 11pm to Sunday 3am)...
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    14 day itinerary

    Ciao! You can start with this 7 day plan and just take it slower, adding in more time at each place or adding on: I would say doing 3 days between Siena and San Gimignano, then 2-3 days in Val d'Orcia would be a...
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    Telecamere corsia preferenziale in via Ponte alle Mosse

    Meno male, allora penso per lo meno questa la hai scampata! E' vero, sono da tutte le parti, su tutta la regione, e le zone ZTL causano tante problemi a chi non è abituato, anche a noi quando siamo in vacanza o in giro per la regione. Ne abbiamo preso di multe qua e là quindi ho dovuto farmi...
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    Winery Tours from Tavernelle val di Pesa

    Ask at your place and find out whether local wineries in the area can come and pick you up, or whether you can get a ride there and back from a local so you don't have to drive! Just ask your hosts or whomever is handling your stay, people are willing to help out :D
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    Driving in Italy

    Yes, the IDPs in the US are easier to get through the local AAA ( I think also online through them) but in other countries they aren't as easy. Here in Italy, we have to go to the local motorizzazione office which is out of Florence, the equivalent of the DMV, and it is a pain to go there! It...
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    taking bus in florence

    Not silly questions at all! Yes, most definitely buy more tickets ahead of time and just use them as you need them. The tickets are clean with no stamps on them when you buy them, the date and time get stamped on the ticket only when you board and purposely go to the machine and put your ticket...