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    3 days in Tuscany

    Even though 3 days are not enough to explore this beautiful destination but you could also have fun exploring many places. To do that you need to have a prefect plan. Before going gather all the stuff and time you have just divide it wisely between it's iconic places. Lourdes!! You shared a very...
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    A week in Tuscany with a wedding in Sinalunga.

    Hi Lourdes!! I would say your post would be really useful for all the people planning a vacation t Tuscany. Your post is really informative.
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    Museums in Florence

    Palazzo Vecchio is must to see museum of that beautiful region. I am so keen to have a tour there and i have heard a lot about this place.
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    Newbie here!!

    Hi everyone!! I am new member here and hope to see a good welcome from this community members.