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    Brochures for Florence?

    Hello! I'm planning on going to Florence next month, so I would like, if possible, for you to send me some brochures, maps and tourist guides in order to help me to organize the trip. Thank you very much for your attention! Best regards, Monica
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    Certified guides in Florence

    Can you provide a list of certified guides to conduct a walking tour of Florence at the end of March? - Donna
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    Recipe for Cagionetti or Calcionetti?

    A pastry treat on Christmas Eve. Cagonia (sp)? made with pastry,filled with ceci bean,honey,chocolate,spices and almonds and fried. Do you have the recipe? - Marcia
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    Villa near Florence or Pisa and Lucca

    We were thinking of visiting Tuscany from mid January to mid-February. In Tuscany, ideally we would like a villa with cooking facilities near a small town or village where we can walk to a store (and a bar if they have em). We're planning on two weeks in Florence then maybe two more near Pisa...
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    Centrally located 3 star hotel in Florence?

    Do you have any recommendations for a centrally located 3-star hotel that would be good for our sons? Our travel agent has recommended to us the Villa Carlotta. We have not been able to find anything about it on the web. We want a centrally located 3-star hotel in Florence. Your thoughts?
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    Hotel near Florence Airport with many rooms and conference facilities?

    I am looking for a 4 or 5 star hotel with a minumum of 170 guest rooms and some conference facilities in Tuscany. It needs to be no more than a 40 minute drive from Florence Airport. Can you recommed somewhere? Regards, Lisa
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    Jewelry course in Arezzo or Tuscany?

    Ciao. my daughter is travelling to Italy later this year and I would like to know if there is anywhere, perhaps near Arezzo where she could learn something about making jewellery. Grazie, Sue Australia
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    Balloon rides and rafting trips in Tuscany?

    We will be in Florence during April. We are looking for balloon rides and rafting trips. I found one balloon ride opportunity south of Siena. Do you have any suggestions for any other companies in these activites and if so, how I can contact them? Thank you, Janelle
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    Additional events in Mugello during the MotoGP?

    Goodevening, We are staying in Mugello during the MotoGp 31may-01jun 2008. Are there things to do, events, during the MotoGp races? In Firenze, Mugello or arround these cities? Hope you can give us some information. Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Esther Amsterdam
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    Lineup for Lucca Summer Festival 2008

    Any idea when the line-up for the lucca summer festival 2008 will be announced? I look forward to hearing from you Alasdair
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    Joust of the Bear in Pistoia

    Could you please give me some information on the Joust of the Bear on July 25th in Pistoia? My family and I would like to come in from Florence for the day and see this. What time will the festivities begin and how late will it go in the day? Will there be many people so that we have to arrive...
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    How far are the Pratomagno Alps from Florence?

    Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me how far the Pratomagno Alps are from Florence. thanks! D.
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    Visiting Cortona by train

    I would like to visit Cortona and am not sure whether I can get there by train?? Grazie, Anthony
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    Is there a train from the Florence airport to downtown Florence?

    Our hotel is near the Santa Maria Novella train station. Is there a train we catch right from the Florence airport?
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    Where is the Synagogue in Florence and what are their hours?

    We would like to visit the synagogue in Florence but are not sure exactly where they are located and their hours for visiting the museum housed there. Do you have any information or possibly a website address?
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    Activities for Easter Sunday and Monday in Florence

    Your website looks great. Our sons will be spending part of their spring break in Florence/Tuscany. Will there be anything open and any activities they can do on Easter Sunday and Monday, including museums or tours? thanks, Susan
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    Correct opening hours for the Bargello

    We will be in Florence, Italy for just one day and wish to make the most of our limited time there, and so are very interested in knowing the correct open hours for the Bargello Museum. Your web site indicates that the Bargello Museum is open from 8:15am to 6:00 pm. I have noted that only a...
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    Turnbull farmhouse in Pescia east of Pisa

    I am looking for a farmhouse in Pescia east of Pisa owned by susan & richard turnbull, do you know the name? Thanks, Doreen
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    Getting to Panzano in Chianti

    I will be flying in to Florence and then I need to find my way to a villa near the village of Panzano near Greve in Chianti. Could you please forward me some information on the best way to get there by bus or train? Or suggest other transport, timetables, bus or train stations etc. Best...
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    How large is Tuscany

    How far is it to travel lets say from Siena to Florence? I'm trying to get an idea of how large Tuscany is. Tamara