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    Tuscany in mid-January - Proper Dress and Activities?

    Hello Forum! It's been 2 years since I've posted on the forum. Thank you to Lourdes and Donna for wonderful insights that helped make my 1st trip to Tuscany in 2015 an incredible experience! I'm returning to Tuscany in January 2018. Got an INCREDIBLE deal through Gate 1 that I could simply...
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    Train from Monterosso to Florence (and Pisa)

    Buongiorno, I wish to Thank you as you have all been so very helpful in my plans to visit the Tuscany region during the first 2 weeks of August. It's getting close! We are planning on staying 3 nights in Monterosso, then taking the train to Florence for 3 nights before moving on to other...
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    Packing/Shoe Recommendations for Summer

    Our 2 week Tuscany trip in August is fast approaching and we can use some recommendations for packing light and bringing the best shoes for the massive amount of walking we will be doing. We will be visit Cinque Terre (3 days in hotel), Florence (3 days in hotel), Chianti (1 day in B&B)...
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    Itinerary Suggestions, Please. Trip finally booked!

    After 2 years in the making, I have finally booked our trip to Tuscany for the first 2 weeks of August. I know it will be hot, so please do offer suggestions for proper attire as well! I have our locations planned for our trip and hoping you can offer suggestion as what to do in each area. I...
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    15 Day Visiting CT and Tuscany in August. Need Advice.

    Hello! My girlfriend and I are flying into Milan early August and plan to visit CT and Tuscany for 15 days (at the tail end of the trip, stop in Venice 1 night and Milan 1 night before returning home). My thoughts are to go directly from Milan to CT and spend 3 nights. Do you recommend...
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    1 week in Tuscany. Where to stay/where to visit

    My girlfriend and I plan to visit Tuscany for 1 week in mid April. I know Tuscany is a large area with many places to see. We are looking for recommendations where to stay and where to visit. Should we stay in one place as a home base and rent a car for the week for day trips? Or should we...