1 day Tuscany car trip from Florence


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We plan to rent car at 8 am from Florence city center and return it by 6:30 pm on Monday, 21 Sep. We would like to see the wonderful scenery and countryside. We would like to drive through nice scenery rather than spend time in one place. Can you please recommend an interesting route that will show us the Tuscan sights?

We are planning to see Siena as a separate day trip by bus so that does not need to be part of this trip. Also since we will take the bus, would we see some nice countryside? In that case we would like to see other parts of Tuscany. We don't mind long drive as long as it is interesting :)



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Plotting an Itin

I would suggest that you try plotting a course that would include: San Gimignano, Certaldo, Volterra and countryside or you could look at Arezzo, Cortona, Monte SanSavino ... even as far as Montepulciano.

These are all some to medium size towns with beautiful scenery and great stops.