1 month in Florence with 9 year old children


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Hi, I visited Florence on a romantic trip with my husband last summer and loved it. I decided to come back this summer with my 9 year old twin boys. One loves art, fashion/design, and animals and the other loves math, science, and sports. We have rented an apartment for a month in the Oltarno area. I have a few questions that I would love your advice on.

One potential benefit of the long stay is that we don't have to rush in an out of museums and exhaust ourselves. Is there some sort of pass where we can visit the museums multiple times over the course of the month? The key ones: Accademia, Galileo, Uffizi, etc, but perhaps there are others.

I will be alone with the two children for 2 weeks, their dad will visit for 2 weeks. I was hoping to cover the museums with the kids on my own as it would make for fun outings, and also because their father is not that inclined to the museums having seen them last summer.

If we get such a pass, are there certain days/times we should go when the visits will be more relaxed, given we can go again?


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What a wonderful opportunity for your entire family to come back for an entire month, particularly for the boys.
They are old enough to remember it well later on and am sure they will both love it! :)

The Uffizi has created an annual pass that let's YOU go in and out as much as you want, will most definitely be something for you to do. If you think you want to also visit the Pitti museums and/or the Boboli gardens several times (you likely will since you're in Oltrarno and not far), then I recommend the pass that includes all the museums which costs 70 euros: https://www.uffizi.it/en/pages/annual-subscriptions
The Palazzo Pitti has a museum dedicated to fashion history so one of your boys will love that part!

The same for the Accademia - you can see the benefits here: http://www.galleriaaccademiafirenze.beniculturali.it/tmpl/accademia/docs/modulo_benefit_en.pdf and get the form here: http://www.galleriaaccademiafirenze.beniculturali.it/p/amici.html

The kids can enter FREE at all the state museums because they are under 18 so no problems for them to go back with you, especially if you buy the passes for Uffizi and Accademia, they skip the line with you.

As far as the Galileo, not being a state museum, they pay the reduced rate: https://www.museogalileo.it/en/visit/accesshours.html I didn't find any info on passes there so not sure they have them, but they do offer a discount when you visit the Specola museum which is one I would recommend for you to visit in addition to the ones you mentioned. It is also in Oltrarno not far from Palazzo Pitti.
La Specola: https://www.msn.unifi.it/vp-387-la-specola.html
If they are not disgusted with icky things (as many boys are not), make sure to book a guided visit to the anatomical wax section so they can see the inside of human bodies ;) (remember FAKE human bodies, they are made of wax)

If your sports loving boy loves either soccer or cycling, there are two museums dedicated to that you could add:
Museo del Ciclismo Gino Bartali: http://museicivicifiorentini.comune.fi.it/en/bartali/
Museo del Calcio: http://www.museodelcalcio.it/info-e-biglietti/orari-e-biglietti.html
Neither is downtown but you can catch buses to both!