1 week in tuscany girls week away


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My friend and I are arriving at Pisa airport 9th May and looking for 2 bedrooms somewhere in the heart of Tuscany to experience everything to offer. We are wanting to rent an apartment walking distance to cafes, restaurants,food shops. I am having trouble finding this, hope you can help.
We are not wanting to stay in big cities with all the crowds and tourists.


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Places to stay


My daughter and I will be traveling throughout northern Italy in June. I found an apt for rent at airbnb.com. There are a number of apts for rent with varied pricing and locations. We found what looks like a wonderful apt. in Lucca within the walled city, walking distance from the train and only 15 minutes train ride north from Pisa. I believe there are places available in Pisa too. Hope this is helpful. Wendy & Chloe


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away from the bigger cities


If you are looking to experience a bit more of the countryside in Tuscany I suggest you look into


It's a friendly environment, walkable to a small town with that "authentic Tuscan feel" and is well connected to Florence and other nearby towns - here is a bus route which gives you an idea of how to get around...however Candida will certainly help you on making arrangements.


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