10 days in italy flying in and out of venice.


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family will be arriving morning of April 7. we have booked the flights to and from Venice. We plan to spend mid week in Florence where my daughter is spending the semester. From there we will do day trips in the Tuscan area.
But we want to see pompeii and capri. We want to see Venice since we are flying in and out of there.
We might want to see Rome for a day . But how should we do this? We know it will involve back tracking.


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if there was anyway you can change your ticket to flying into Venice and out of Rome (or vice versa) you would take your back tracking down to a minimum...

(if you can't change it)

day 1
I suggest that you fly into Venice and take the train immediately to Rome. Sleep & re-coup (you can transform this day into a half day visit Rome if you fly in

day 2
visit rome a day

day 3
visit Pompei & Capri with an organized tour. You can do it on your own...but the guides and a driver will show you what you really want to see and keep it fun, relaxing and informative

day 4
one last horah in Rome and then train it to Florence in the evneing

day 5
visit Florence

day 6

day 7
Pisa & Lucca train it...there really is no reason to rent a car except for maybe tomorrow ;-P

Day 8
Chianti / san gimignano & Evening in Florence

day 9
enjoy shopping and roaming florence get evening train to Venice

day 10
visit & sleep innVenice and you are ready for the flight out

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise