10 days in Tuscany - Need help to choose places to visit.

Stephan Vancell

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My family with small kids will be visiting Tuscany next July for 10 days. We're going to stay 2 days in Florence, and we're going to move to an area near Montespertoli and stay in an agriturismo for a week. In that week we will visit the Chianti area, Siena region and Pisa and Lucca. However my problem is were we could pass our last day (Saturday and Sunday morning) before driving to Rome. I thought about Massa Marittima and Maremma area, or Cortina and Assisi. Do you have any suggestions or comments?


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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sounds very good!

Ciao Stephan! Your itinerary sounds really good. Remember you don't need a car in Florence, so pick it up only once you're ready to leave the city ;-).

While Maremma area and Massa Marittima are beautiful places to visit, they are entire areas and the places I'd recommend to visit are further away and require more time........ and a great part of it is enjoying the sea as well. So for this reason, given you only have day and a half, I'd recommend to head the other way and visit Cortona and Assisi. As two small but charming towns, the visit to each as well as the drive between them will be more clear, distances shorter and you'll get more out of it.

Then you can leave the Maremma for another future trip :)!