11 night/12 Days Florence and surrounding area


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My husband and I are in the beginning stages of planning our delayed honeymoon in May. It will be our first time in Italy; however, for this trip, we have decided to stay mainly in the Tuscany area, with a few day trips to visit other cities. So far we have our flight in and out of Florence and open to any and all suggestions on accommodations, cities to explore, things to do, etc. Primary areas of interest include visiting wineries, cooking classes, and anything involving local, farm-to-table lunches/dinners.

We were thinking about staying in Florence the first 2 nights to explore the city and get our bearings, then renting a car and staying somewhere north and south of Florence for 4 nights each and then back in Florence for the final evening before our flight home - early morning flight.

We have been looking at B&Bs, agritourismos, airbnb, ect., but I am starting to get overwhelmed on which cities we should stay in versus which just to travel to for the day.

Looking for advice on which towns to base in for each of the 4 nights and then where to take our side trips.

I have seen lots of posts regarding Siena and San Giminiano for the Southern part of Tuscany and visiting the Chianti region, but not much regarding Northern Tuscany.

My co-worker recommended Verona, but that may be a little out of the way. My husband also wants to visit Milan, but again, not sure if this would take too much time.

What about Cinque Terre, would this be a day trip while staying north of Florence.

Given that this is our honeymoon, we are pretty flexible when it comes to our budget, would like nice accommodations -~$300 per night on the higher end.

Appreciate the feedback, looking forward to planning our trip!