12 days in Tuscany (excl. Florence)


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We are spending 12 days in Tuscany in July. We fly into Pisa on a Sunday and out of Pisa 12 days later on a Friday. The weekend in the middle of our visit we need to be in Lucca for the Saturday night.
We have visited Florence before, so would like an itinerary excluding Florence. We definitely want to visit Siena.
What do you suggest? We are happy to hire a car, but equally happy to use public transport. We had considered staying in Pisa for the first few nights and then heading north maybe to La Spezia, so that we can see the cinque terra (we tried from Rapallo previously, but the sea was too rough!) after which heading to Lucca for the weekend and then maybe basing ourselves in Siena for the rest of the holiday and exploring the area.
Any suggestions/recommendations gratefully received.


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12 days in Tuscany


That sounds like a great base plan for your 12 day holiday in Tuscany.

When considering your day trip options around both Lucca and Siena, you will find that there is a wide range of options ranging from wine to art, to culture to royal villas!

There really is so much to do in and around Lucca - that 12 days won't seem like enough! This article about day trips in and around Lucca will give you a few ideas of what to visit in the area (one of my faves is the Montecarlo wine region.

And a few of my favorite places to visit are included in these two articles:

A change os scenery will definitely be the best way to get a 360° of Tuscany, and you couldn't choose better than Siena and the surrounding countryside - did you know that Val d'Orcia and the historic center of Siena are on the list for UNESCO World Heritage Centre? Having said that, be sure to check out this article with great day trips which will give you an idea of places to visit near Siena:

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