12 days in Tuscany, have I planned it right?


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My husband and I have planned a trip to Tuscany for next May and I'd like some advice. We plan to arrive in Pisa and spend one night there, move to Lucca for a night then spend three nights in Florence. We will then hire a car and travel to Cortona for three nights. After that its two nights in Siena, one in Volterra then our last night back in Pisa. We will hire a car when we leave Florence for the remainder of the trip.
Any advice on trips to do on the days we have on Cortona or Siena would be appreciated.


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12 day itinerary


looks like a well planned circular itinerary.

Remember to book your tickets for Pisa in advance if you want to climb to the tower.

Lucca is a lovely town to spend a day in, and you may even want to see about fitting in the Villa Reale, which in may comes alive with one of the most famous flower gardens in Tuscany.

When you pick up your car in Florence, plan on a leisurely drive down to Arezzo before heading over to your accommodations in Cortona. I suggest you take this itinerary along the via Setteponti, which will give you some lovely scenery, light on the traffic, no toll roads and great places to stop along the way.

This itin ends in Arezzo which is becoming more and more popular with Italian and foreign tourists looking for an important piece of history and monuments as well as a real slice of Tuscany.

Cortona will definitely merit a full day of exploration (see our quick guide) and then there are a few other places nearby which you can entertain for a day trip. Check out this link for a few suggestions in Val di Chiana near Cortona: https://www.discovertuscany.com/val-di-chiana/

Siena is great - a beautiful contrast to Florence which is busy and jam-packed with something from all epochs of time from the Etruscans to today. In fact, Siena, is a little easy on the tourist, especially at night when the city seems to empty out just a bit. Definitely make a point of visiting the Duomo and the Museum in front of the Duomo. Closeby you could even join a lovely wine experience which I did, both the scenery and the wine were incredible.

Volterra is another one of those fabulous little towns that are amazing to visit yet still manages to maintain a distinctly Tuscan feel about it.

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