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Hello, my wife and I area going to be arriving Rome on June 29th and will have 2 weeks to explore Italy. This is the first time for both of us. We are both HUGE foodies, so I think we chose the right country.

Our plan is to spend a couple of nights in Rome then take the train to Venice for a 2 nights. From there, rent a car and drive to Bologna, Modena, Parma and finally sleep in Monterossa, Cinque Terra for 3 nights. From there, we will head to Forte De Marmi for 2 nights then off to Florence for 4 nights. On our way to Florence, we will be stopping by to see Viareggio and Lucca but will only be passing by. Lastly, we will move from Florence to Siena while on our way to Rome for our final 2 nights.

Three Questions:
1. Are we crazy?
2. Is driving from Venice-Rome with all the stops efficient or should we drop off the car in Florence then continue by bus or train? Our concern is carrying our luggage and still stopping to sight see in Siena.
3. PARKING - This is also a big concern in all cities I mentioned.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Having a car


Um...yes you are a bit crazy. That is a lot of driving...I mean a lot of driving. And that is not a season when you really want to be doing a lot of driving. You can actually rely on public transport for quite a bit of the trip and not lose any of the beauty of the area.

Personally, I would consider the following:

2 days in Venice

1 day Verona? (it is on the way, and amazingly beautiful)/Mantova sleep in or near Mantova. Personally, I wouldn't plan on more than two cities in one day when you are driving a car.

1 day Modena/Bologna leave the car in Bologna, sleep in Bologna. Take a train to Florence (30-minute fast train well worth it!!)

3 days in Florence of which one can be a day trip to Siena, public transport to Siena is frequent and convenient or you could enjoy a one day Tuscany tour which will give you a great overview of Chianti, Siena and more

1 day Lucca, take the train from Florence, spend the night in Lucca this city is extremely walkable, the car is not needed in the city center, and the train station is a minutes walk from the city walls.

2 days Viareggio with a day trip to (30 min bus ride) to Forte dei Marmi both cities are very walkable.

3 days 5T with train (you can't take your car in 5T)

take the train from Monterosso to Florence to Rome airport

These are all fairly fast and easy train connections, that leave you free to really enjoy the scenery and more time enjoying the locations.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise