15 days in Tuscany itinarary


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My sister and I will visit Tuscany from 13 - 28 of May 2014; we would like to know if you can recommend areas to visit which are of interest?
Priorities are history, museums, gardens, wine and good local food.
Our initial plans were to stay 6-7 days in Florence in an appartment since we need two rooms; do you have recommendations. While in Florence we would take the train to Lucca for a day and a day tour to Chianti vine yard; please recommendguide rental.
Is it preferable to do Chianti once we have rented the car?
We would then rent a car to visit the country side; San Gimignano, Sienna 3- 4 days, and Montipulciano city (Vine yard).
Please recommend where to stay since we would like to make a loop from Florence back to Florence without comming back on our steps.
Can we rent a car in Florence and drop off at Florence airport?
Do you recommend driving? Hotels? Agritourism?
If you can help it would be appreciated since we are stumped.


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Have a look at this guide for your accommodation in Florence:

On this page you'll find also several proposals for arranging itineraries in Tuscany: there are the art cities with their museums and popular attractions and the wonderful landscape of Mugello, Chianti and Valdorcia regions, where you'll have the chance to taste typical wine and food.

If you decide to rent a car, then it's preferable to visit those areas that aren't easily reachable by public transports, like Chianti, Valdorcia (including San Gimignano, Montepulciano, Pienza, Montalcino, Castiglione d'Orcia just to mention a few) and Mugello (there are trains leaving from Florence to Barberino del Mugello for example, but car is necessary anyway for exploring the marvellous countryside). Have a look here for a recommended car rental web site

You could leave from Florence to San Gimignano and then Siena, stay a few nights there in an agriturismo or B&B for visiting the Valdorcia and Chianti regions, then go to Barberino for visiting the Mugello and finally go back to Florence.

You'll easily get instead to Pisa, Lucca and Siena by train, so no need to hire a car for visiting those destinations: travelling by public transports is the best way for avoiding car park and traffic troubles! Visit the official Italian trains timetable web site