1st time in Florence Oct 3 - Oct 10, 2017


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Hello! and Buon giorno!

My mother and I have no plans yet beyond flying to Florence and staying in an apartment in Santa Maria Novella from Oct 2 - 11.

We do not plan to have a car, unless convinced otherwise, and imagine taking day trips via train or tour.

I would like suggestions from folks who are experienced with seeing Tuscany without a car. We are mobile, but not bike riders or long-distance walkers. Our interests are in history, art, culture, wine and food.

Thank you in advance for your insights and for this forum.

(PS and FYI, this is the first leg of a longer stay)

Uomo Grasso

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We stayed in Florence for 12 days a few years ago. We mainly attended various museums and historical sites in the city. And, dined! There is so much beauty and history there that, with more than a few days to spend, one can leisurely view aspects that are not typically enjoyed by those that are passing through and quickly seeing the main sites.
We did take a few day trips via train to the cities of Arezzo, Lucca, and Pisa. Those are charming little towns, especially Lucca and Arezzo, that are easily visited via train. Of course, there is so much more to see in the vicinity of Florence. The wine regions are beautiful, though less-easily-accessible on public transportation. It really depends on how you chose to enjoy your time. Is it experiencing more? Or, is it experiencing more profoundly? Whatever the case, you'll undoubtedly have fond memories...