2 day Tuscany and Florence


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I need your help please. I have only two days for Florence and Tuscany and have so many doubts.
We will be driving a car and my doubts are
which cities are a must to visit and itinerary. Siena, Pisa, Montalcino, Montepulciano, San Gimignano or others?
Should I dedicate one day to Florence and one day to the Tuscan itinerary?
Where to spend the nights in Florece or Tuscany?
Hire a private guide for Tuscan tour day?

Thank you


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Getting the most out of Florence & Tuscany


I would definitely dedicate one full day to enjoying Florence and then one full day to Tuscany. It is not much time, but it will give you a quick overview of the more important sites.

How are you arriving in Tuscany / Florence, from Rome? Then you might want to consider arriving by train and walk the city and the museums. You absolutely do not need a car to visit the city of Florence.

If you are open to a driver, then I would get a guide, who will pick you up and show you Tuscany - having someone else show you the sites, navigating the roads and perhaps even opening the door to a few surprises will make a one day whirlwhrl tour of Tuscany just a bit less stressful.

While touring Tuscany you could consider several tour options, [Upersonals://www.discovertuscany.com/tuscany-car-rental/tuscany-wine-and-drive.html"]a personal driver[/URL], an organized tour like my colleagues did or even a biking tour, which would be an excellent way of relaxing with a bit of physical activity in the wonderful hills of Tuscany.

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