2 days driving around Tuscany


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Hi There,

My daughter and I we will be in Firenze this summer for 4 days. We are going to rent a car for 2 days to ride around Tuscany. We will drive in the morning and comeback to Firenze for the night. However we want to see Siena, Panzano, Montelpulciano, San Gimignano. Could you please advise what is the best route can be arrange for 2 days, bearing in mind that every night we need to come back to Firenze.
We book a car in Locauto supplier at Via Santa Lucia, could you please advise is it a reliable supplier.
Thanks a lot for your help.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Kashkamr,

For your two days in Tuscany, you could divide up what you want to see into 2 separate areas to explore on each day.

One day head to Montepulciano directly from Florence, taking the A1. Explore Montepulciano, then head back to Siena (driving through Pienza and San Quirico so that you can enjoy the scenic drive and the views!!) for the rest of the day. Head back to Florence for the night.

The second day head to San Gimignano in the morning (through the Firenze-Siena roadway), then head to Panzano after lunch. Spend the rest of the day exploring/driving through Chianti as you make your way back. Additional stops in Chianti are Castellina in Chianti on the way to Panzano, and then Greve after Panzano.

Have fun in Florence and in Tuscany!