2 days in Chianti SanGImignao and Siena


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Dear tuscan experts, I am flying in to Florence, touching down 8 am, and have 2 days for the above mentioned cities. Please let me know if the following plan will work :)

Day 1: Pick up car from florence airport, drive down Chiantigiana road and stop at Greve in Chianti and then Panzano.
Now the question is, shall we continue to San Gimignano and then overnight there or Siena? Then spend the 2nd day in Siena before returning to Florence in the evening?

Day 2: Siena and potentially Val d'orcia before driving back to FLorence airport to return the car and take a train to florence for the remaining trip?

Really appreciate some advice on these. Thanks


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Chienjoo,

You do have extra days to spend in Florence after the 2 days in Tuscany, right?

If you only have 2 days, I'd do Chianti, San Gimignano and Siena (no Val d'Orcia... unless you can spare a 3rd day to spend there).

So day 1: drive down the Chiantigiana road, stop in Greve, Panzano and Castellina.
Make your way to San Gimignano for the evening, sleep there.

day 2: morning in S.G. then over to Siena for the rest of the day. You could sleep there and return car the next day in Florence....

You don't need to pick up the car from airport, if you're already in Florence... there are rental pick up spots near SMN. Take a look at the info and map here: http://www.visitflorence.com/florence-car-rental/

Remember, a little less is better: if you see you are hurried along the first day, slow down and enjoy what you're seeing with maybe less stops along the way. Chianti is beautiful and the villages are different but in the end similar... so one less stop is always possible on your way to S.G. and just enjoy the drive and views.