2 Days in Florence and Pisa! Help me plan...


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Hi everyone

I will be arriving by train to Florence in May for 2 days.

I would like to visit Pisa and Florence. I want to stay 1 night in Florence, and 1 night in a villa. (there are 2 of us) Can you please recommend a place to stay, and how I should order my time?

I could go directly to Pisa and then stay in a near by villa, but that would cut down on my Florence time. Or I could go directly into Florence, stay in a villa about 15-30min away and then the next day visit Pisa. I'm also thinking about visiting an olive oil farm (or somewhere to get fresh olive oil, hopefully the villa I will stay at), the leather market and the outlets, (but are they any good?)

THANK you for your help! I know that I am trying to do a lot in two days, but I also know that I can do it.


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2 full busy days in Florence!

Ciao Manga,

Of course you can manage to do and see a lot in 2 days even if they'll end up flying by really fast!
I'm not sure whether you'll be able to truly savor each experience of trying to fit in
Florence - Pisa - countryside (olive farm) - outlets
into 2 days but, if you've got the will, I'm sure you can do all of it!

I'd recommend staying in Florence's center for your first night - with such limited time you want to be in the heart of the city to be able to get to the markets and walk around and enjoy the city.
You can then easily take the train from Florence to Pisa (1hr ride one way) from the SMN train station, they run throughout the day on the second day.
For accommodation, I'd recommend Casa del Garbo or Casa dei Tintori as two really nice B&Bs in the center - you can see these and more B&Bs in and near Piazza della Signoria here.

Now, if you want to also stay in a villa, particularly one with its own olive grove for producing olive oil, you have to head out of Florence. I wouldn't recommend basing your stay out here for the two nights since it seems you would not have your own private transportation - unless you wouldn't mind renting a car or maybe even hiring a car with driver to take you around?

If that's an option, I think Poggio al Sole would be perfect, for 1 or even both nights.
It isn't too far from Florence, just over the hill behind Fiesole.
If you want to head into Chianti, you can also consider Villa il Poggiale which is a villa hotel in Chianti.

If you're interested in a car with driver, I'd recommend you start by asking the properties you contact as they'll likely know of local companies their guests have hired and have recommended. If you have your owns of transport, visiting the outlets will also be easier - and since they offer designer brands, they are definitely worth it compared to their original price tags. Read this article about the various outlet malls near Florence.

Hope you have two magnificent days in Tuscany! :D


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Re: 2 full busy days in Florence!

Thanks for the info! I have decided not to go to the outlets not enough time!
Hi Lourdes.. You have shared here really great and helpful information regarding 2 days Florence trip. Florence is well known destinations in Italy. I would like to say thank you for sharing informative post.