2 days in Tuscany - Minicruise of the Tuscan archipelago


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any suggestions are very welcome.

How does this work? I read that they take you to one or two islands and it is a day trip. would like to know what kind of activities are available?

any suggestions on which islands to choose or which tour to choose are very much appreciated. we are trying to decide to do either the thermal spas or the mini cruise or if we can fit both then both. We have two kids (age 5 and 9) and two senior citizens (age 65 plus), I am trying to make sure the places we visit suits both age groups. Any other non touristy places? we are not so much interested in museums or monuments.

Thanks. This forum is really awesome.


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You only have 2 days in Tuscany? The main island is Elba and I'd dedicate the whole two days there, because the second largest island is Giglio and it isn't right next door, so would take time.

Both the islands or thermal spas would be fine for both, although for kids I think the thermal spa might get boring after the first day. They are nice and warm, but also a bit stinky so not sure how long kids or adults will want to be there. We've always just gone for a couple hours.