2 days in Tuscany, roundtrip from Rome - need help!


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We are planning to leave Rome early on Sun June 18 and return early Tues June 20 (we have a flight to Paris). So this is 2 days in Tuscany, leave and return from Rome.

My husband and I were in Italy in 1994 and now we are taking our two sons, age 19 and 21.

I know it is a busy time of year and I would like to take them to some of the "must see sights" - like Assisi and Siena, but also some "off the beaten path" sites in Tuscany.

What do you suggest for a two day itinerary?

Also, do you know of any hotels that are reasonable (we are four people - preferably a quad room) and get a sense of teh beauty of Tuscany?

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2 days in Tuscany

Buongiorno Jenn,

There are so many "must see sights" in Tuscany that it is really very difficult to make a choice... so this is a "personal" tour that I suggest for your two days, there are plenty of other solutions;
Coming from Rome (of course you need a car)
1st day:
- Territory of the Val di Merse and visit to the unique Abbey of San Galgano (with chapel and authentic, medieval sword in the stone, town of Siena.
You could sleep in the countryside around Siena, in Sovicille for example, where there are farm estates, little hotels, bed and breakfasts ...
2nd day;
- Florence (instead of taking the superstrada from Siena into Florence, you could decide to drive through the wonderful Chianti area and reach Florence this way).
Two days are not a lot ... but towns like Florence really need minimun one day!
Have a nice holiday!


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of the beaten track


As the answer above mentioned, if you are planning on doing Florence - it really requires one full day. In fact you could train it direct to Florence with a fast train. Then spend the day in Florence, rent a car and head into the countryside. Click here to see a few one day itineraries which can make it fun for everyone.

I would whole heartedly suggest the area of Sovicille and Casole d'Elsa as places off the beaten track.

You could sleep in Siena or a B&B in the area before heading back to Rome.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise