2 Days in Tuscany


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I'm traveling to the French Riviera the Amalfi Coast in 2 weeks, and I'm renting a car to travel from France to Italy and will stop in Tuscany for 2 days. What are the top line places to see, and wineries we can visit? Where is the best place to stay for 2 nights?




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Florence and Siena

Ciao Cammie,

If this is the first time you're passing through Tuscany, then I definitely recommend you visit Florence - spend at least a day here. Since you don't have much time in any case, the following day head off into Chianti, stopping along the way near Greve in Chianti at a winery and doing some wine tastings. Head on toward Siena and enjoy the rest of the day there, eating a wonderful slow dinner in town. So recommend one night in Florence and Siena. There is lots to see in each place, for an idea of what to see in Florence see Visit Florence.