2 extra nights in Tuscany


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Hi there,

Loving this forum! Thank you for maintaining :)

I've read all your guides and am following the recommendations, but I still can't decide where to stay in 2 additional nights in Tuscany.

So far we have booked:

- 3 nights in Florence
- 2 nights at Castel Monastero

We have another 2 nights - which I'm not sure if I should spend in Siena or any smaller town (like San Gimignano)? What do you recommend?

Thank you VERY MUCH!!


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Another two days


Another two days ... what fun!

You could continue to go south towards Cetona or Pitigliano - a great area that has so much to offer and so few people get that far south into Tuscany.

Or you could head over to Arezzo and into Casentino Valley - another area which doesn't get a lot of tourist traffic - but has so much to offer. Beginning with a real authentic and local area - and the restaurants!!!

The last area that I would suggest you look into that will give you a totally different perspective of Tuscany: Mugello. A lovely green area of Tuscany which has so much to offer - activities, landscape and again a real authentic and local area.

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise