2 nights/1.5 days in Tuscany....input requested


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We are driving in from Cinque Terre and staying at the new Il Battistero Siena. On the way in we are thinking of stopping at Montefioralle Winery and town and then San Gimignano before ending up at our designation in Siena. For our full day in Tuscany we would like to visit a few wineries and would like to know if we should visit the Chianti region or Val d'Orcia and Montepulciano area? Thoughts/ideas? We like more rustic and authentic rather than modern and upscale. :cool:
We then leave Siena the next day for our last designation of Rome so just 2 nights and 1.5 days in the Tuscany/Siena area.


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Montefioralle Winery

For St Valentine's day, I had a lovely lunch at Montefioralle. This little town makes up part of an exclusive "club" in Italy & it has been designated one of the prettiest little towns - it is so true both pretty and little. So many wonderful photo opps!

The meal was absolutely delicious - however they are not always open, so you need to check their schedule. AND the wine was from the Montefioralle Winery - again absolutely delicious.


Buon viaggio.