2 nights - restaurant recommendations


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Hi Lourdes, we are coming to Italy for the first time and landing in Florence in late September (28). Would love to know some insider tips on non-touristy quality restaurants. Also would love a recommendation on places to stay in Tuscany and perhaps any cooking classes while there, thanks in advance for your help!


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Recommendations in Florence


There are so many options to choose from - really you could go crazy trying to pick out the best one.

As for a cooking lesson, read through a review my colleague wrote on Chef Nous

And then you can look through some of the top offers at http://tours.discovertuscany.com/en/8357/travel-tips/Cooking-Classes-in-Tuscany-Florence/ttd

As for not so touristy places to eat dinner...to be honest, Florence hardly has any secrets left and anywhere you go with good food will also have a following of tourists ;-)
But having said that, I can tell you, that you can find several good places (and book online with a discount) at this link. It is raelly for the Italians - but you will find it in English as well.


a couple of places I have tried on the list include Santarpia (good pizza, very small menu because they are all about the quality), La Loggia near Piazzale Michelangelo - great views - and La Chiostrina, high end quality meals.

Buon Viaggio,
Donna Denise

PS tonight I am going to Cuculia - it will be the second time, highly recommended by my local friends