2 weeks in Tuscany in July 2016


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Hi, my wife and I are planning to visit Tuscany for 2 weeks in July 2016 visiting Bologna, Florence, Pisa and the coastal area, Siena then possibly going down to Rome for a few days could you suggest how many days we would need in each area and also places to visit in between these areas or would it be best to base ourselves just in one place and travel to them daily. We are thinking of using the train to get around rather than a hire car is there a train pass we could purchase to cover the 2 week period, if so what would be the price or a daily price. No flights booked as yet so we are open to offers. Thanks


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Ideally speaking


Sounds like a wonderful trip - and they are all very beautiful towns to concentrate on.

Bologna - 1 - 2 days

Florence - depending on what interests you the most (markets, shopping, museums, history, etc) you can easily spend 2 - 4 days in Florence....and within that time period you could include a train trip out to Pisa to break it up a bit. )

Pisa - if you are just talking about the tower and the Cathedral, then a half day is plenty. However if you want to explore the city as well count on a whole day. You could also look at doing Pisa / Lucca in a day.

Siena (and area) - I would suggest moving out to the countryside for this and basing yourself in either a B&B or maybe an agritourism near a small city center where you can have access to the buses. Siena is a lovely day trip and the countryside can be broken up into Chianti, Val d'Orcia and the coast.

Rome is a huge city --- and like Florence or the Tuscan countryside you could potentially spend weeks there exploring all it has to offer!!! However, you can also spend 2 - 4 days there (again depending on what attracts you the most shopping - museums - culture) and see quite a bit of what the city has to offer.

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